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'''Animal Collective''' is an American experimental pop band from Baltimore, Maryland. They were formed in 2003 by Avey Tare (David Portner), Panda Bear (musician)|Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), Deakin (musician)|Deakin (Josh Dibb), and Geologist (musician)|Geologist (Brian Weitz). The band's music is characterized by music production|studio experimentation, vocal harmony|vocal harmonies, and an exploration of various genres which include freak folk, noise rock, ambient drone, and psychedelic music|psychedelia. Records released under the name "Animal Collective" may include contributions from any or all of its members. In the example of Dibb, who often takes breaks from recording and performing with the band, his time off does not constitute full leave. The band members met in school and started recording together in various...
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OriginBaltimore, Maryland, United States
Genre{{flat list|
Years active2003–present
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Associated actsAutomine, Vashti Bunyan, Black Dice
Current members* Avey Tare|David Portner (Avey Tare)
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